About BBH

The beauty and strength of African Americans are undeniable. There is a rich quality that resides in both our skin and in our spirits. Our goal at Black Body Health is to empower people with the education and motivation necessary to preserve and sustain that quality.

Despite our strength, African Americans continue to suffer disproportionately from most chronic diseases such as HIV infection. We have the highest mortality rate for all cancers and are more likely than other groups to be obese.¬† In addition to this, we are least likely to have adequate health insurance and access to quality¬†healthcare.¬† While we support public health campaigns that help address these issues, we know that most of these efforts are designed for the general population–not African Americans in particular.

Black Body Health is a curation of news, education and resources that are designed for us. It’s screening and testing information with swag; tips to accommodate our busy lives and inspiration that is always good for our souls.